2 outta 3 aint so bad…right?

Well first off, I feel kind of bad, I wanted to write a blog on Buehrle’s no-no but it kind of slipped my mind, so i’ll write a paragraph about it in this one, but first onto smaller things ha.

1 out, 1 stinking out away from sweeping the Tigers and Mr. Untouchable David Aardsma left a pitch up, and Thames hit it out for a 2 run shot. I gotta say, I saw it coming a mile away. I kept thinking about how Thames tied the game against the Cardinals last year with a 2 out HR off Izzy in the 9th. And I kept thinking Aardsma would do the same. And not to my suprise…..he did. From that point on I knew we were going to lose, momentum shifted and we looked dead at the plate. Crede’s first homer of the season…wasted (small tidbit: Crede has homered in Comerica Park at least one time in the past 4 series at Comerica, he really makes Comerica seem small).

Now contrary to what people may think, Im not panicing, I agree with the decision of letting Aardsma finish it since he has been absolutely untouchable to start the season. But thats how I knew he was gonna give up the homer, he was due to give up something. Its just unfortunate that he had to do it at that time. We had our chances to really put the game out of reach. One key moment comes to mind in the top half of that inning with Paulie up with runners at the corners and 1 out and like always the head hang showed up and he GIDP. But still, 2 outta 3 aint that bad.Dsfjwek6

Now onto the bigger story, Mr. no-no himself Mark Buehrle, first off….I WAS THERE!! It was absolutely amazing and a game I will never ever ever forget in my entire life. I’ve never been so nervous in my entire life, about the 4th inning I looked at the scoreboard and thought to myself "heh…he’s got a no-no going" not realizing that he would actually do it. Honeslty, I figured the Rangers would get to him in the 5th because Buehrle doesn’t pitch well against the Rangers at the Cell. Come the 9th inning, I didn’t wanna look, but I knew I had to because I was about to witness history. And in the back of my mind, I knew he would get it because the Texas hitters looked absolutely terrible at the plate against him. His only blemish? The walk to Whaaammy, whom he promptly picked off. he was so close to perfection. Oh well, can’t do much better than Mark did, don’t get me wrong though, he gave up some shots that his defense caught (Crede’s gem to throw out Hairston, Iguchi’s dive in the hole, Dye robbing the HR). Mark was just incredibly lucky but still what an accomplishment.

And of course Buehrle being Buehrle, didn’t give the credit to himself but to his teammates, this is the kind of guy we need to have on this team for another 5 years, Mark is a class act. And what did Buehrle do to finish off the night? Being the red neck that he is,  he went home, watched some hunting shows on T.V., walked the dogs, and made a pizza. Yep, thats just Buehrle being Buehrle. Get those Royals tonight MB.

Quick Blurbs:

1) Paulie should be hitting 5th until he gets his head clear (which I know he will)

2) Pablo in the 2 hole isn’t such a bad idea

3) Brian should be traded, its obvious there no place for him here anymore, trade him, bring up Terrero, and groom Sweeney to be the future CF.

4) Go away Boone, just go away, and bring up D-Day

5) Bulls > Heat in 6

Till next time.


“Offensive” Offense

See, I promised I would update at least twice a week and I promise to keep it up haha.

But anyway, Yesterdays game irked me, no it wasn’t watching Waaahhmy Sosa go deep off MacDougal (terrible pitch btw, why and how do you throw Sammy an 0-2 fastball right down the pipe?) preceeding a chorus of boos from the ChiSox faithful, Nor was it Gar giving up two dingers one of which was to the scrub that is Brad Wilkerson. It was the absolutely dormant offense of this team, cold or no cold this team is dead offensively. Both teams need to play in this weather and none of the teams really seem to be affected by it except us.

Greg Walker said yesterday that all the teams we’ve been paying have beend ead offensively too. Really Walk? 8 runs is being dead offensively? I find that very hard to believe, but alas I’m cautiously optimistic at this pitiful offense. I’m giving a pass for Dye and Konerko because they’re notorious slow starters, but im worried about Crede because the only good year Crede had was last year, and I’m worried that he may return to his terrible hitting. The other problem is that he’s not getting the job done defensively in fact, no one is getting the job done offensively. However, that could happen due to the weather because I assume it would be hard to feel the ball. Also imagine my shock that Pods gets hurt when he’s one of the only guys actually hitting the ball. Seriously, can this guy just stay healthy? I guess its just our luck. I’m hoping Walker is right when he says this is just the "calm before the storm" and that the offense will wake up, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Quick Blurbs:

1) Freddy made his first start for the Phils yesterday, and from what I hear it was classic Freddy, a couple Ks, a couple walks, and a couple bombs.

2) On the flip side, Gio made his 3rd start for the Barons yesterday and continues to dominate, 1.17 ERA, 18/7 K/BB ratio, and 3 Ws, promotion to AAA coming?

3) Attention all passengers riding Sammy Sosa airlines, we are now boarding.

4) Hey Gar, please don’t say we’re the best team in the AL, its not true, and we all know what happens when players get cocky, coughjimmyrollinscough.

Till Next Time.

Wow so hey

  Ok so I just wrote this whole entry about how sorry I am for notupdating this thing in god knows how long and I hit back on accident
and I erased it all. Ya, go me, but anyway I’ll cut to the chase, im
sorry about not updating it but I will def. be updating at least 2
times a week starting today. I haven’t been able to update because the
transition to college has kept me very busy but now that school is
winding down and I’m fine in all my classes I have more time to do
other things, such as write mindless things about baseball! Score! haha.

But anyway, my last entry was basically addressed to Kenny to not
trade "Big Game Pitcher" Freddy Garcia, apparently he didn’t get the
message. In fact, he had the nerve to trade Freddy and McCarthy, I
admit I wasn’t the happiest fan in the world when the trade went down,
but now that I’ve had time to see what we have the only thing I have to
say is… THANK YOU KENNY!!!

Not only did we get a young stud in Mr. John Danks but also another
fire arm for our ‘pen. But the
biggest suprise of this trade is that
Danks was considered to be a year away from the majors and this dude
came in and blew everyone away by showing he’s ready for the major
leagues. And so far he hasn’t disappointed, ya he’s 0-2 but a 3.97 ERA
is nothing to be upset over.

Speaking of him being a rookie, I’ve heard of rookie hazing
but not scoring any runs for him during both of his starts is a new form that i’ve never heard of. And quite frankly, I don’t like it, Hopefully we’ll get our
offense going soon and put some runs on the board not just for Danks,
but for all of our pitchers

Quick Blurbs:

1) Darin Erstad is an Er-Stud

2) Goodbye Cotts, Helllooo Aardsma

3) Scott Podsednik and Juan Uribe are leading the team in AVG? Somethings with that picture.

4) Can Texas bring some warm weather with them?

Till Next Time.

Wake me up when September ends

Im about 99% sure that this season is over. It’s going to take a miracle to save this season, I figure in order to make the postseason they have to go 11-2 or 12-1, and based on watching this team play they’ll be lucky if they go 6-7. Even 11-2 or 12-1 doesn’t guarantee us a postseason birth, we also need to Twins to go on some type of win/loss/loss/win type streak while we keep winning. Or we need the Tigers to completely fall off which again, is a very large longshot. Maybe a homestand will change our luck? Probably not but hey it’s worth a shot. I was listening to the radio this morning and are criticizing Ozzie for putting in the likes of Gload and Cintron in the line-up yesterday, those people need to realize that, thats who we needed in the line-up yesterday. Unfortuneately it didn’t work out, Theres many off-season moves that need to be made. #1 should be figuring out who’s playing LF next year, because if Scott Podsednik is still on this team, I will deem the organiztion insane. Whether it be Gload, who could lead off hit .300+ and steal 15-25 bases, or Ozuna, or Fields. Or maybe they will be smart and go after Sarge’s kid to play CF for us and have BA play every now and then. If we got Gary  Matthews it would be the greatest for this team because he’s your perfect lead-off hitter. Switch hitter, has alot of power, and a good amount of speed. Uribe may need to go too, and maybe package him in a deal with Freddy to The Angels for O-Cab and Figgins. Granted, im dreaming here and that probably won’t happen, but the Gary Matthews signing would be incredible. Big series tonight against the Tigers, need to cincher up and hunker down for the next 13 games, im not expecting much anymore so hopefully they suprise me…11-2 here we come.

A Homer a day will keep the Doc away

GREAT win tonight, one of the best of the season. Come from behind , after Garland gives up his first long one in 9 starts. The Offense had the best approach to Halladay that I’ve seen them have to any pitcher all season. Im amazed that Thome only struck out once and Konerko didn’t even K at all! It feels like a month that these guys haven’t been in our line-up but im go glad that they’re back. It’s nice to see Pods doing his thing again (bunt base hits, stealing!). And other than the 1st inning Jon did pitched a heckuva game. Of Course the one nitpick I have is I don’t want to see Mackowiak in center ever again, if Mack absolutely positively NEEDS to play, put Pods in center and move Mack to Left. Mack is NOT a CF, he’s proven that time and time again. Coop has supposedly changed Javy’s delivery, which was supposedly the cause of his "flat" pitches, so we’ll see how that goes. Oh and a side note, B-Mac pitched 2 scoreless, hitless innings tonight. I’d rather we used MacDougal and saved B-Mac for Sat after the 6th inning, because we all know what happens when Javy reaches the 6th. But GREAT effort tonight, best I’ve seen the team in awhile. We got a rookie tomorrow, and hopefully we can hit him and get a streak going!