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Im not going to get into the numbers because they will only make me even more angry. But it goes without saying that our bullpen is absolutely terrible right now. Well, outside of Jenks and Thornton everyone is bad.

But I guess the good news is that our offense is back and its doing fairly well but good pitching will always beat good hitting and right now if we don’t have a bullpen, then this is a 3rd-4th place team easy.

Dewon Day (This guy will have the best nickname in baseball if he develops into something, D-Day….how can you not be intimidated by a guy with the nickname of D-Day?) was brought up to try and help and did not have a successful Major League debut at all, gave up 2 runs on 3 hits (should be only 1 run on 2 hits because Iguchi misplayed a ball and stepped on it allowing Redmond to reach). But if he can get his wicked slider over to go with his 90-94 fastball he could turn into a great set-up guy.

The other bone I have to pick with this organization is passing over Josh Fields who is ready to contribute at the major league level now. Ozuna was hurt yesterday for those who have been locked in a closet for the past 24 hours and we needed a replacement, so they pick Andy Gonzalez a nothing who hit a good .240 at Triple A mind you. Kenny is a hypocrite if he doesn’t think Fields can play the outfield, this guy is a full blown athlete and could easily play LF. He’d be a hypocrite because they had 2 guys playing LF who are below average LFs in the first place. Josh couldn’t not only probably play LF he could spell Crede at 3rd or even Uribe at Short because he’s been playing short over the past couple days due to an injury of one of their other players.

Quick blurbs:

  1. I hate the Twins even more now
  2. I hate HBPs that start rallys
  3. And to conclude the "I hate" version of the blurbs I also hate 2 out rallys

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Well….it coulda been worse.

Ugh, I’m just gonna kinda pretend that Friday and Saturday’s games never happened, because well, that would lead into a long schpeil about how much our bullpen stinks and how disappointed I was that we could have swept this series had our pen decided not to stink.

Personally, I’m not that big of a fan of IL Its fun for like the 1st game of a series and then it’s "meh", and it’s just unfair that some team’s best players can’t play because of the DH rule. While I do agree that AL teams shouldn’t rely on their DHs, Some of the best players in the whole leagues are DHs and its a shame that they can only be used sparingly.

But lets just have a quick recap

Series Breakdown: Cubs Take 2 of 3


Derrek Lee: GS in Game 2

Angel Pagan: Game tying Triple in Game 1; scored winning run

Aramis Ramirez: the only real hot hitter in this series,

Nick Masset: did the job when they needed him the most; may have a future in the rotation,

AJ Pierzynski: Captain Chaos struck again hitting the GS in the 7 run 7th off Cotts (Oh How I’ve missed you buddy haha)

Goats: White Sox Bullpen, Neal Cotts, Carlos Zambrano

Got a hard series against the As coming up, lets hope we hold our own, Thome’s return should help ALOT! haha.

Quick Blurbs:

  1. Crede’s back has been acting up again, They need to bring Fields up; I can’t imagine a week of Pablo Ozuna at 3rd.
  2. Sweeney was sent down when Thome was activated yesterday, im not a big fan of that
  3. Hall was solid was the bat on Friday, a little rusty with the defense though

Till Next Time.

What happened Tuesday?


Soooooooo Impressed with how this team responded against that absolutely devastating loss on Tuesday. While you can put give a good amount of credit to the offense (a good amount of 2 out singles and clutch hits) the pitching was absolutely spectacular this series, highlighted by a CG Shutout by the 90 year old Cuban, Jose Contreras.

As much as I loved Jose’s performance today, the one that impressed me the most was Mr. John Danks, who continues impress with his fearless composure on the mound and the way he just attacks hitters.

Danks was in control pretty much the whole game pitching effectively and establishing the corners and putting on a clinic on how to jam hitters. Just so happy that we have this kid and that he got his 1st Major League W

The offense is starting to wake up, but still it would be nice to have Thome in the line up (he’s due back Tuesday hopefully), but most of them have been doing a good job doing the jobs that they’re asked to do. The only one thats really scuffling is JD, who continues to not see the ball well at all.

Alright, time to get ready for KC and hopefully sweep them or 2 outta 3 at least.

Quick Blurbs

  1. Keep A&F! (Ryan Sweeney)
  2. Toby is due back at the end of May, early June.
  3. Gio bounced back from a disastrous outing in his last start K’ing 7 over 5 SO innings.
  4. Great catch by Hunter last night, the best I’ve seen so far this year.

Till Next Time.

Put away mom’s cooking…

…we won’t be seeing Santana this series. And at the same time no Mauer, and the Twins are struggling to score runs, but so are we. Soooo in other words, there should be pitchers duels all three games, fun stuff. But this series should be fun, I can’t say I like playing the Twins because out of any other team they annoy me the most because they have those guys that you just wanna see make outs but they battle and battle…and battle. And your sitting there next to your TV screaming "GET OUT ALREADY!", But they don’t and on the 6th pitch of the AB with 2 outs they single through the hole on the left side, then someone else comes up and singles and then before you know it your facing your 7th batter of the inning and the Twins have already rallied for 4 runs putting you into a 4-2 deficit in the 8th inning. I take it back…this series will not be fun, it will be infuriating haha.

Anyway we had a series against the Angels recently, can’t say I liked it, am I happy with the results? Yes, for someone who said we were going to be swept I was pleasently suprised. But still, they can’t hit if their lives depended on it. Saturday was good, we put up 6 runs without hitting a homer but some of those runs were gifts from the Angel’s defense.

I’ll gladly take it though, we need as many wins as we can get.

Quick Blurbs:Capt17abc0b475734947846f5262c3b37431whit_2

  1. Captain Chaos bites the Angels again!: You can think of a lot of things when you think of AJ Pierzynski and usually clutch isn’t one of them. But in reality AJ is one of our best clutch hitters and he hurts the Angels once again and must be on OC’s top 5 most hated list.
  2. Er-stud in, Pods out: Ozzie is now on record saying that when Pods gets back from the DL, he is no longer the lead off hitter and that its no offically Erstad’s job. The reason? Erstad simply handles the bat better and Pods nor plate patientence are what they used to be. Which is a nice way of saying, we can’t depend on you anymore Pods.
  3. Attention Jim Thome: Please hurry back!

Till Next Time.

“When it flows, it will flow. Print It.”

Well it better flow, and it better flow soon, really soon. Or I don’t know what its going to take to get this offense going. This is a short entry because I don’t really have much though right now that I haven’t said already, so i’ll reiterate.

  1. The Offense not only hates John Danks but now all the pitchers
  2. But it still hates Danks the most
  3. Angels with a 3 game sweep and an 0-5 road trip seems likely, god I hope I’m wrong

Ok then, Jose on the bump tonight, keep us in the game please and don’t let up more than 1 run because we won’t win then, thanks.



Quick blurbs:

  1. I just saw "Big Z" get shelled in the 1st, harsh, but I bet he’ll bounce back, this is the Nationals after all.
  2. Gio goes tonight for the Barons, give em another 10-13 K performance and you’ll be in Triple A very soon…I hope.
  3. Bulls tomorrow afternoon in Detroit, Gooooo Bulls!
  4. I found out im terrible at fantasy baseball! yes! haha

Till Next Time.

“Angelic” this series was not.

2.12 ERA, that is the collective ERAs of Contreras, Garland, and Buehrle over the weekend, their record in those 3 games? 1-2. Why is it 1-2 you may ask, because of our "offensive" offense. And the best part of it all is it won’t be Sock-it-to-me Thome time for at least 2 weeks. So we’ll be sitting through at least the next 2 weeks of a platoon DH of Mackowiak, Ozuna, and Cintron. Shoot me now? ha. Sweeney was brought up to replace him, which isn’t necessarily a bad idea because you gain a better glove in the OF than you would with Mackowiak playing the OF and with Sweeney you also gte a better speed and maybe a homer or two. But he won’t come near the production Jimmy would have.

It hurts to lose a guy who lead the Majors in walks and led the AL in OBP and ranked in the top 10 batting avgs with a .340 avg, but we’ll just have to make due with what we have unless Fields is brought up to DH which won’t happen. Someone needs to step it up (Im looking at you Paulie), as the number 3 hitter and get on to let Dye and Crede drive him in (I don’t think AJ should be hitting clean up in any circumstance, he’s an OK hitter but the reason he hit so well last year is because he was hitting in front of the Big 3.). I think if we play .500 ball while Jim is out we’ll be good.

Speaking of call-ups and send-downs haha, BA was sent down yesterday and all I can say is ITS ABOUT TIME! Now I don’t have to sit through multiple 0-4 days with 3 Ks and a popout while Thome is out. Tererro is probably going to be called up to replace him, but im not so sure thats a great idea but its really the only option you have to replace BAs right handed OF bat.

Hey! Remember me?Eae7f83b97614c76b4f41c8d9dfb8138

I felt I needed to make a section to inform you all just how much Darin Erstad is loved. I don’t really care what anyone says, Erstad is one helluva player. And he proved his old mates wrong for letting him go by going 6-12 (.500) with 3 RBIs, a homer, and 3 runs scored (2 of the 3 scoring from 1st on 2 doubles). Im so happy we have him, he’s the kind of player that I love to watch play.

VERY tough road trip coming up, I hate the pitching matchups, im expecting a 1-4 road trip just because of the pitching matchups, (Washburn Vs Vazquez (L), Batista Vs Danks (W), Contreras Vs Escobar (L), Garland Vs Lackey (L), Buehrle Vs Colon (L). Hopefully im wrong, but if our offense still continues like it is we will do no better than 1-4. Especially with going to Anaheim as they have one of th best home records in baseball. So we’ll just have to see what happens….

Quick Blurbs:

1. R.I.P. Josh Hancock

2.  BULLS!

3. Gio Gonzalez is 4-1 with a 1.91 ERA, with an astounding 43/9 K/BB ratio in 28.1 innings, He needs to be promoted to AAA.

4. B-Mac is looking terrible and looks like Texas might send him to Triple A, Kenny is look like a genious at least for the short term.

Till Next Time.

Thinking in the Rain

So three games have been put in the record books since my last post and from what I’ve gotten through the last three games is as follows:

  1. They NEVER give up, it may look like it but man are they grinding out Ws.
  2. Brian please go to Triple A, you can’t help this team in any fashion right now.Fd6e95e1c1034591aa81ebc5efc79ce4_1
  3. The White Sox offense hates John Danks
  4. Oh Captain, my Captain! Paulie has broken out of his mini-slump to start the season.

I’ve been very impressed with the teams "Never Give Up" motif, last year if we were to go down 4-1 to KC, we wouldn’t have eve tried to come back, now we’re doing the little things, capitalizing on errors, getting the guy over to 3rd on a lead-off double, getting the clutch 2 out RBI hit (Mr. Er-stud), and just flat out giving it their all. Even last night, yes, we were shut down by Cy Durbin but scored 2 runs with 2 outs and nobody on in the 9th. I also noticed yesterday that Danks’ curve has gotten better, and its just a nasty pitch when he can get it over for strikes; just ask Marcus Thames haha.

I enjoy playing the Tigers now though because theres def. a rivalry there now that not only stems from baseball but also from the ye olde days of basketball (back when the Bulls were good of course, not to say that they aren’t now cuz they’re awesome.).

But this weekend should be fun, Sox Vs Angels, Twins Vs Tigers, Cubs Vs Cards, and BoSox Vs Yanks, good weekend for baseball. I always do like facing the Angels because I love how they play baseball, very agressive and very fun to watch. I love the hit and run and they do it perfectly almost every time I see them play. And one of the best parts of their team is there is literally no one you can hate on that team. From Cabrera to Vlad to Kotchman, just a good group of guys that know how to play baseball.

Thats about it for this entry, I might be going to the game tomorrow if I stay home, my grandma’s in the hospital with pneumonia, and we’re just making sure she’s gonna be OK.

Quick Blurbs:

1. Sox pitchers NEED to stop giving up runs in the 1st, it seems as if Buehrle gave everyone that disease.

2. After a slow start Fields is turning it on in Triple A, he hit a walk-off homer for Charlotte on Tuesday and hit a 2 run homer in yesterdays game as well,  along with  him going 3-4.

3. Tomorrow is Erstad’s first offical game against the only team he ever played for, hopefully he shows them what they’re missing.

4. Brian Anderson was our DH last night, BRIAN ANDERSON.

Till next time.