Im not going to get into the numbers because they will only make me even more angry. But it goes without saying that our bullpen is absolutely terrible right now. Well, outside of Jenks and Thornton everyone is bad.

But I guess the good news is that our offense is back and its doing fairly well but good pitching will always beat good hitting and right now if we don’t have a bullpen, then this is a 3rd-4th place team easy.

Dewon Day (This guy will have the best nickname in baseball if he develops into something, D-Day….how can you not be intimidated by a guy with the nickname of D-Day?) was brought up to try and help and did not have a successful Major League debut at all, gave up 2 runs on 3 hits (should be only 1 run on 2 hits because Iguchi misplayed a ball and stepped on it allowing Redmond to reach). But if he can get his wicked slider over to go with his 90-94 fastball he could turn into a great set-up guy.

The other bone I have to pick with this organization is passing over Josh Fields who is ready to contribute at the major league level now. Ozuna was hurt yesterday for those who have been locked in a closet for the past 24 hours and we needed a replacement, so they pick Andy Gonzalez a nothing who hit a good .240 at Triple A mind you. Kenny is a hypocrite if he doesn’t think Fields can play the outfield, this guy is a full blown athlete and could easily play LF. He’d be a hypocrite because they had 2 guys playing LF who are below average LFs in the first place. Josh couldn’t not only probably play LF he could spell Crede at 3rd or even Uribe at Short because he’s been playing short over the past couple days due to an injury of one of their other players.

Quick blurbs:

  1. I hate the Twins even more now
  2. I hate HBPs that start rallys
  3. And to conclude the "I hate" version of the blurbs I also hate 2 out rallys

Till Next Time.


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