Well….it coulda been worse.

Ugh, I’m just gonna kinda pretend that Friday and Saturday’s games never happened, because well, that would lead into a long schpeil about how much our bullpen stinks and how disappointed I was that we could have swept this series had our pen decided not to stink.

Personally, I’m not that big of a fan of IL Its fun for like the 1st game of a series and then it’s "meh", and it’s just unfair that some team’s best players can’t play because of the DH rule. While I do agree that AL teams shouldn’t rely on their DHs, Some of the best players in the whole leagues are DHs and its a shame that they can only be used sparingly.

But lets just have a quick recap

Series Breakdown: Cubs Take 2 of 3


Derrek Lee: GS in Game 2

Angel Pagan: Game tying Triple in Game 1; scored winning run

Aramis Ramirez: the only real hot hitter in this series,

Nick Masset: did the job when they needed him the most; may have a future in the rotation,

AJ Pierzynski: Captain Chaos struck again hitting the GS in the 7 run 7th off Cotts (Oh How I’ve missed you buddy haha)

Goats: White Sox Bullpen, Neal Cotts, Carlos Zambrano

Got a hard series against the As coming up, lets hope we hold our own, Thome’s return should help ALOT! haha.

Quick Blurbs:

  1. Crede’s back has been acting up again, They need to bring Fields up; I can’t imagine a week of Pablo Ozuna at 3rd.
  2. Sweeney was sent down when Thome was activated yesterday, im not a big fan of that
  3. Hall was solid was the bat on Friday, a little rusty with the defense though

Till Next Time.


One comment

  1. jajohns8@yahoo.com

    Any dodger fan out there that wants to join a brewer fan for tonights game, I have an extra ticket. The person that was going to go had to go out of town, so if you are interested, let me know it is a pretty good infield box seat and it is free. But you have to sit by a brewers fan.

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