Put away mom’s cooking…

…we won’t be seeing Santana this series. And at the same time no Mauer, and the Twins are struggling to score runs, but so are we. Soooo in other words, there should be pitchers duels all three games, fun stuff. But this series should be fun, I can’t say I like playing the Twins because out of any other team they annoy me the most because they have those guys that you just wanna see make outs but they battle and battle…and battle. And your sitting there next to your TV screaming "GET OUT ALREADY!", But they don’t and on the 6th pitch of the AB with 2 outs they single through the hole on the left side, then someone else comes up and singles and then before you know it your facing your 7th batter of the inning and the Twins have already rallied for 4 runs putting you into a 4-2 deficit in the 8th inning. I take it back…this series will not be fun, it will be infuriating haha.

Anyway we had a series against the Angels recently, can’t say I liked it, am I happy with the results? Yes, for someone who said we were going to be swept I was pleasently suprised. But still, they can’t hit if their lives depended on it. Saturday was good, we put up 6 runs without hitting a homer but some of those runs were gifts from the Angel’s defense.

I’ll gladly take it though, we need as many wins as we can get.

Quick Blurbs:Capt17abc0b475734947846f5262c3b37431whit_2

  1. Captain Chaos bites the Angels again!: You can think of a lot of things when you think of AJ Pierzynski and usually clutch isn’t one of them. But in reality AJ is one of our best clutch hitters and he hurts the Angels once again and must be on OC’s top 5 most hated list.
  2. Er-stud in, Pods out: Ozzie is now on record saying that when Pods gets back from the DL, he is no longer the lead off hitter and that its no offically Erstad’s job. The reason? Erstad simply handles the bat better and Pods nor plate patientence are what they used to be. Which is a nice way of saying, we can’t depend on you anymore Pods.
  3. Attention Jim Thome: Please hurry back!

Till Next Time.


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