“When it flows, it will flow. Print It.”

Well it better flow, and it better flow soon, really soon. Or I don’t know what its going to take to get this offense going. This is a short entry because I don’t really have much though right now that I haven’t said already, so i’ll reiterate.

  1. The Offense not only hates John Danks but now all the pitchers
  2. But it still hates Danks the most
  3. Angels with a 3 game sweep and an 0-5 road trip seems likely, god I hope I’m wrong

Ok then, Jose on the bump tonight, keep us in the game please and don’t let up more than 1 run because we won’t win then, thanks.



Quick blurbs:

  1. I just saw "Big Z" get shelled in the 1st, harsh, but I bet he’ll bounce back, this is the Nationals after all.
  2. Gio goes tonight for the Barons, give em another 10-13 K performance and you’ll be in Triple A very soon…I hope.
  3. Bulls tomorrow afternoon in Detroit, Gooooo Bulls!
  4. I found out im terrible at fantasy baseball! yes! haha

Till Next Time.


One comment

  1. Baseball

    I was so ready to get on your about your “this is just the nationals” comment especially since Jason Bergmann has looked so good in the early going, but you were right and as I type this, the Cubs are back out in front 5-4 – it is the 7th and Cotts is in!



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