“Angelic” this series was not.

2.12 ERA, that is the collective ERAs of Contreras, Garland, and Buehrle over the weekend, their record in those 3 games? 1-2. Why is it 1-2 you may ask, because of our "offensive" offense. And the best part of it all is it won’t be Sock-it-to-me Thome time for at least 2 weeks. So we’ll be sitting through at least the next 2 weeks of a platoon DH of Mackowiak, Ozuna, and Cintron. Shoot me now? ha. Sweeney was brought up to replace him, which isn’t necessarily a bad idea because you gain a better glove in the OF than you would with Mackowiak playing the OF and with Sweeney you also gte a better speed and maybe a homer or two. But he won’t come near the production Jimmy would have.

It hurts to lose a guy who lead the Majors in walks and led the AL in OBP and ranked in the top 10 batting avgs with a .340 avg, but we’ll just have to make due with what we have unless Fields is brought up to DH which won’t happen. Someone needs to step it up (Im looking at you Paulie), as the number 3 hitter and get on to let Dye and Crede drive him in (I don’t think AJ should be hitting clean up in any circumstance, he’s an OK hitter but the reason he hit so well last year is because he was hitting in front of the Big 3.). I think if we play .500 ball while Jim is out we’ll be good.

Speaking of call-ups and send-downs haha, BA was sent down yesterday and all I can say is ITS ABOUT TIME! Now I don’t have to sit through multiple 0-4 days with 3 Ks and a popout while Thome is out. Tererro is probably going to be called up to replace him, but im not so sure thats a great idea but its really the only option you have to replace BAs right handed OF bat.

Hey! Remember me?Eae7f83b97614c76b4f41c8d9dfb8138

I felt I needed to make a section to inform you all just how much Darin Erstad is loved. I don’t really care what anyone says, Erstad is one helluva player. And he proved his old mates wrong for letting him go by going 6-12 (.500) with 3 RBIs, a homer, and 3 runs scored (2 of the 3 scoring from 1st on 2 doubles). Im so happy we have him, he’s the kind of player that I love to watch play.

VERY tough road trip coming up, I hate the pitching matchups, im expecting a 1-4 road trip just because of the pitching matchups, (Washburn Vs Vazquez (L), Batista Vs Danks (W), Contreras Vs Escobar (L), Garland Vs Lackey (L), Buehrle Vs Colon (L). Hopefully im wrong, but if our offense still continues like it is we will do no better than 1-4. Especially with going to Anaheim as they have one of th best home records in baseball. So we’ll just have to see what happens….

Quick Blurbs:

1. R.I.P. Josh Hancock

2.  BULLS!

3. Gio Gonzalez is 4-1 with a 1.91 ERA, with an astounding 43/9 K/BB ratio in 28.1 innings, He needs to be promoted to AAA.

4. B-Mac is looking terrible and looks like Texas might send him to Triple A, Kenny is look like a genious at least for the short term.

Till Next Time.


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