Thinking in the Rain

So three games have been put in the record books since my last post and from what I’ve gotten through the last three games is as follows:

  1. They NEVER give up, it may look like it but man are they grinding out Ws.
  2. Brian please go to Triple A, you can’t help this team in any fashion right now.Fd6e95e1c1034591aa81ebc5efc79ce4_1
  3. The White Sox offense hates John Danks
  4. Oh Captain, my Captain! Paulie has broken out of his mini-slump to start the season.

I’ve been very impressed with the teams "Never Give Up" motif, last year if we were to go down 4-1 to KC, we wouldn’t have eve tried to come back, now we’re doing the little things, capitalizing on errors, getting the guy over to 3rd on a lead-off double, getting the clutch 2 out RBI hit (Mr. Er-stud), and just flat out giving it their all. Even last night, yes, we were shut down by Cy Durbin but scored 2 runs with 2 outs and nobody on in the 9th. I also noticed yesterday that Danks’ curve has gotten better, and its just a nasty pitch when he can get it over for strikes; just ask Marcus Thames haha.

I enjoy playing the Tigers now though because theres def. a rivalry there now that not only stems from baseball but also from the ye olde days of basketball (back when the Bulls were good of course, not to say that they aren’t now cuz they’re awesome.).

But this weekend should be fun, Sox Vs Angels, Twins Vs Tigers, Cubs Vs Cards, and BoSox Vs Yanks, good weekend for baseball. I always do like facing the Angels because I love how they play baseball, very agressive and very fun to watch. I love the hit and run and they do it perfectly almost every time I see them play. And one of the best parts of their team is there is literally no one you can hate on that team. From Cabrera to Vlad to Kotchman, just a good group of guys that know how to play baseball.

Thats about it for this entry, I might be going to the game tomorrow if I stay home, my grandma’s in the hospital with pneumonia, and we’re just making sure she’s gonna be OK.

Quick Blurbs:

1. Sox pitchers NEED to stop giving up runs in the 1st, it seems as if Buehrle gave everyone that disease.

2. After a slow start Fields is turning it on in Triple A, he hit a walk-off homer for Charlotte on Tuesday and hit a 2 run homer in yesterdays game as well,  along with  him going 3-4.

3. Tomorrow is Erstad’s first offical game against the only team he ever played for, hopefully he shows them what they’re missing.

4. Brian Anderson was our DH last night, BRIAN ANDERSON.

Till next time.



One comment

  1. D

    First off, let me say that I hope your grandmother’s doing better.

    I love the “O captain, my captain” reference (loved the movie Dead Poets Society.)

    I hate to say it, but you may be right. It might be time to send Anderson down to Triple A. I think he’s just got grow mentally and perhaps mature a bit, and that’s going to take time and at-bats, and he’s not getting at-bats with the Sox.

    Thanks for respecting my opinion. I was expecting to get comments such as, “You just like him because you think he’s hot.” I myself choked a bit when I saw him listed as the DH in the box score the other day because the irony was just too much. I do still hope Anderson turns it around soon, whether that’s in Charlotte or Chicago or somewhere else.

    Thanks for reading my blog.


    Lady White Sox Fan

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