Sox break streak behind Jon’s gem

Been awhile I know, I’ve been busy. But I’ll be updating alot more from ehre on out. Alot has happened since I last updated, the Sox seemed to have gotten the "flu" as Farmio put it on Saturday. I agree, while some of our pitchers seem to have gotten over this "flu" most of our offense hasn’t. Freddy pitched a whale of a game yesterday and deserved a win by far. However, by far the best pitcher we’ve had over the last month. Jon hasn’t given up more than 2 runs over his last 5 starts and today was no different. You can’t really ask alot more than 8 1/3 and no runs. He finally got that ERA under 5. Im almost certian Jon is this years Jose, he’s won 6 straight decisions and his ERA over that span is under 2. Keep it up Gar we need ya man. Im happy that we’ve gotten 2 straight quality starts but im alittle worried about this upcoming series against the Twins. Especially with Javy going tomorrow, I really wish he didn’t throw his curveball inside with a 2 strike count. Or maybe he could get through a game w/o using his curveball at all because it’s really killing him. I really can’t wait for Tuesday Jose Vs Santana, it’ll be one of the better games this year for sure. Thank god we miss Liriano ha. But hopefully Freddy and Jon have set the trend and Javy will come out tomorrow and be lights out lke he was in the beginning of the season. Then we can keep the line moving with Mark, and then our offense can wake up and the team will be in synch, and if these guys are all in synch with one another, it could spell trouble for any team. :-). Wishes…..for now. So Jon….think you could go for 18 straight?

Side Note: Widge was DFA today, good, thanks for last year man, you were decent and a good back-up to AJ. I’ll never forget the 3 run jack against RJ and the Yanks, it was a thing of beauty. And a big WELCOME BACK to Sandy! Im sure everyone will love to see you back in a White Sox Uni. Be a serviceable back-up to AJ and raise that .300+ AVG!


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