Sox Give O’s a win

As much as people want to give Freddy the blame for tonight’s loss, I won’t. It doesn’t help when your defense doesn’t back you up. And thats what happened tonight. 3 Earned isn’t bad, in fact Freddy hasn’t given up more than 3 over his past 3 or 4 starts. He’s technically been our most consistant pitcher over the past month or so. He got ticked when he didn’t get the called third strike on Mora and thats what really spelled disaster for that inning. Freddy’s a hothead sometimes and he couldn’t focus when he wasn’t getting some strike calls. And I wouldn’t mind seeing Widger not in the line-up for a good two weeks or so, but that won’t happen ha. Oh, well at least the Tigers lost, but im keeping my eye on Minnesota as well.

Jose goes for #17 tomorrow, I hope he comes out dealing tomorrow. I would like a dominating pitching performance since we haven’t had one in awhile.


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