Light It Up!: The Beginning

So basically this is my baseball blog, where I babble on and on about the going ons in baseball today or life in general. Mostly this is a blog about the Sox but we’ll see where it goes.

Today was one of the worst performances by a Sox pitcher all year. Mark did not have any of his stuff working today at all and also may have been tipping his pitches once again. He’s been doing that way too often and I don’t understand whats so hard about remembering to NOT put your hand behind your back when you choose your pitch. Put it in your glove and keep it there. Don’t show a thing to these hitters, or your gonna get hit hard. I don’t care if your facing the Cubs Single A team out there. The Cubs are a Major League team and their going to hit bad pitches, especially is they know whats coming. I watched some of the replays of the game tonight and during the first inning, he was hanging pretty much all of his breaking stuff and was throwing his change ups and fastball close to or right down the middle. You can’t afford to make those kind of mistakes to major league hitters or your going to get hit and hit HARD. I wanted a sweep like any other Sox fan did, but I can live with two out of three. That would make it eight straight series wins, which is by far not a bad thing to be doing. I just wish the Tigers would maybe lose acouple here and there when we win.

But anyway, that brings me to my next point, and that basically is that our starters have been extremely inconsistent throughout the season. You get a dominating performance one start and the next that same pitcher that was so dominating one start ago is getting shelled all of a sudden. Leaving all Sox fans scratching their head(or maybe pulling hair out) wondering when this "consistency" is going to start to happen. The staff is nowhere near the potential that they all have. Jose has been getting hit his last couple starts(However Coop said he "fixed" whatever was wrong with Jose’s delivery…we’ll find out on Tuesday). But if Jose can dominate like he did at the end of last year and the beginning of this year then he would no doubt be the Cy Young winner this year. Vazquez out of anyone is giving me headaches. He seems to have a problem with giving up pitches in the zone when the count is 0-2…1-2.. etc. Note to Javy: Hitters will NOT be fooled by thinking your going to go outside. If they see a pitch coming in the zone, they’re going to swing at it. Coop please inform Javy to pitch around hitters and try to get them to chase early in counts. When the count becomes full or 2-2 then pitch in the zone. Freddy, well Freddys Freddy, he looks almost unhittable against good teams, while when facing bad teams he seems to not put much effort into that start. He says he wants to be a 20 game winner? He can be, if he starts to care about beating bad teams. Im not mad at Garland really, it’s like Hawk says "If he pitches in, he’s going to win". Jon last year did a tremendous job of pitching inside with his fastball/change-up, then using his sinker when needed to get the key DP or a strikeout. I just want Mark to find some consistency, he’s got the potential to become the next Maddux, he just needs to find some consistency. But Mark is one of those guys that you just know after a bad performance, he is going to come out his next start make up for his previous start.

Img_1978_2 Our offense I believe is the best in baseball, you can talk all you want about the Ortiz’s and Manny’s and A-Rod’s of the world. But when you look at our line-up you have your work cut out for you 1-8. Brian will come around, in a year or two. But we have three of the best AL hitters back-to-back-to-back, if you can sit there and tell me that Ortiz and Manny are better than three potential 40+ homer players than theres something wrong in denmark. All of our players are so clutch its not even funny. Our offense never quits, it doesn’t matter whose on the mound, they don’t quit. And thats whats important. This season has been amazing with so many incredible comebacks. You can never count this team out, it’s amazing.

AL All-Star Rosters were announced today, six of our guys are on there. Paulie, Thome, Dye all deserve to be there. Bobby surely does, BAAAADDDDD Bobby Jenks is nearly unhittable after a less than automatic first month and a half of the season. Jose is the most deserving IMO, 8-0 and won his last 16 decisions (He’s got his work cut out for him on Sunday though, against the Red Sox, him Vs Schill should be a great one 🙂 ). Im not sure Mark is very deserving this year to be an All-Star, I’d rather see Liriano or Verlander go. But it’s good to be represented. And AJ is on the final vote ballot so make sure your VOTE for him. We need to get him in like we did Scotty last year.


                                                   !!!!VOTE PIERZYNSKI!!!!





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